Defining Light

Spectra is one of the fastest growing brand in the lighting industry in Asia. All Spectra luminaires are manufactured using latest technologies, ensuring high quality and efficient luminaires.

Efficient Light for Living

Thorn manufactures and supplies dependable, efficient, high-quality lighting.

Innovative LED Lighting Solutions and Lighting Management

Zumtobel is an internationally leading supplier of integral lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor building lighting applications.

World Wide Architectural LED Lighting

Grupo MCI focus of the group is offer specific lighting solutions to the needs and expectations of our customers in different market segments.

Light for Architecture

SIMES is a consolidated company dedicated to the design and production of superior outdoor lighting fittings.

Architectural and Outdoor Lighting

Lighting design collections made of iconic and innovative lamps for home, outdoor lighting and architectural lights.

The Outdoor Luminaire

Ares has been committed from the outset to reflecting the constant evolution of the outdoor lighting.

Experienced Lighting Professionals

Forma Lighting protagonizes light via its design of minimalist, architectural lighting fixtures to seamlessly blend into any architectural space. 

Creativity and Innovation in The Outdoor Lighting

A facade is generally one exterior side of a building, usually, but not always, the front.

Integrated LED Lighting Solution

Our industry leading Ribbonlyte delivers true, accurate color at all color temperatures with double the run length versus the competition.   

Simply Perfect Light

Leveraging science to produce the broadest visible spectrum possible, Soraa matches the light found in nature, making illumination both something to see and something to experience. 

LED Display and LED Screen

With the support of advanced technology, Liantronics builds up world-class standard for LED display featuring beautiful image.

Projection and Lighting

PANI is the world market leader in the field of analogue large scale projections and besides producing the strongest projector on the market.

Adapting, Delivering, and Inspiring

Strand constantly adapts to the demands of modern theater, film and TV, as well as themed environments and architecture.

Make the Next Performance Truly Larger

Vari-Lite is a lighting designer’s essential. Not just for concerts, but for movies, theater, TV, large scale corporate shows and everything in between.

Backstage Should be Center Stage

Selecon is known for its stunning output and ability to transform a performance. Whenever a performer takes to the stage, Selecon takes the lighting a stage further.

World Lighting Challenge

These professional LED lighting solutions incorporate the very latest energy efficient solid state technology and offer high profile equipment for the widest range of applications. 

Efficient Light for Living

Prolyte has developed a broad range of aluminum truss types and a unique system to connect them.

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